Documentary Film

Documentary films are a gateway to the world. Therewith Kristina Karasu wants to expose social injustice, follow strong-willed people or document artistic events.

She creates documentary short films, up to date reportages and elaborate documentary films. Supported by professional teams and new video technology.

Kristina Karasu realizes your compleate documentary or supports your crew as a director, editor or film cutter.

The women of Troy

Documentary project in cooperation with the regional theatre

Landestheater Thüringen

2013 - 2014

Director: Kristina Karasu

... ve yaslanarak siire

(the healing verses)

Documentary Film, 28 Min., Istanbul 2010

Director: Selin çağalan

Editing: Kristina Karasu (Tirier)


Theatre and Performance Festival

Documentary film, 52 Min., 2009

Direction, camera and editing: Kristina Karasu (Tirier)

Availible on DVD


Documentary, 28 Min, 2006

Direction and editing: Kristina Karasu (Tirier)

h1 - Fernsehen aus Hannover


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